Speaking in Tongues

The new book by Basil Eliades is an absolute feast for the senses – sensory overload in the most elegant ways!
These gorgeous stories are anchored in reality but evoke a dream state that you will want to experience again and again.

“I enjoyed this so much – this man writes beautifully.” – Phillip Adams

“Literary, beautifully written, meticulously plotted and inventively surprising.” – Kerry Greenwood

“A little frightening, sometimes immensely funny, and consistently beautiful writing; these wonderful, sensual tales of love, union, desire and transformation throw open the notion of travel and what it means to come alive in a strange landscape” – Magdalena Ball, The Compulsive Reader

$35 – includes postage


A collection of poetry, short stories, and portraits from his recent exhibition – a trifecta of a book!

“Words that glow, that frighten, that burn, that caress. Basil Eliades takes us on an astonishing voyage. We don’t know the destination, even when we get there, but the journey is brilliant, visiting places we have never imagined.” – John Marsden

“50IV is a collection of poetry about the ephemeral nature of life, of pain, about how we learn, grow, become mindful/present/enlightened, and above all, about love. No matter how much we’ve severed, sutured, eluded and deconstructed, love is always transformative. Once again, Eliades has created a multifarious collection of poetry and art that is full of pathos, humour, rich visual imagery, and illumination.” – Magdalena Ball – The Compulsive Reader

“I’m sure I would have liked Lucian Freud much less!” – Les Murray

$35 – includes postage

3rd i.

Published by I.P.

‘High energy poetry and torrential writing,’ – The Age

‘This man is offering us everything – this is heroic writing,’  – John Marsden

‘…he produces such intense imagery… At its best, and it is often at its best, this book provides exactly what the title suggests: a true third eye/i experience – a whole new way of seeing both the world, and ourselves,’ – Magdalena Ball

‘Leave all your assumptions behind about the way poetry should work or look when you pick up this book. Basil Eliades writes like a painter and paints like a poet. This is form on a mission, words strained to the limit of elasticity. Take a deep breath, and plunge in!’ Dr David Reiter

$35 – includes postage

3rd I Book by Basil Eliades

ohne Titel

The first small collection, self-published.

Contains the first anthem – This Life I Love.


ohne Title book cover

ohne Title

Published by untitled Press.

All life’s big issues in one small book.

‘The personal truly made universal,’ – Dr David Wignall.


ohne Title book cover

Show don’t Tell

Works from a large writing / illustrating project at Castlemaine Secondary College.

Directed and edited by Basil.

Show don't Tell image

3rd i CD

‘Exquisite… delicious. Linguistic ecstasy.’ – Magdalena Ball

3rd i CD cover


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Etchings - Basil Eliades