3rd i.



Basil’s third book of poetry. The most polished and mature of his poetical work. Contains the rousing and animated ‘Why’.

Published by I.P.

‘High energy poetry and torrential writing,’
The Age

‘This man is offering us everything – this is heroic writing,’
John Marsden

‘…he produces such intense imagery… At its best, and it is often at its best, this book provides exactly what the title suggests: a true third eye/i experience – a whole new way of seeing both the world, and ourselves,’
Magdalena Ball

‘Leave all your assumptions behind about the way poetry should work or look when you pick up this book. Basil Eliades writes like a painter and paints like a poet. This is form on a mission, words strained to the limit of elasticity. Take a deep breath, and plunge in!’
Dr David Reiter